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The Office is committed to providing the public with greater insight and transparency into our work. Click the below buttons to explore the data.
From DA Jeff Rosen

Introducing Our Dashboard

"Welcome to the Santa Clara County DA’s Office’s Data Dashboards. One of the core values of the DA’s Office is transparency. These data dashboards build on the many data reports that we have released over the years, to make information about the work we do - and how that work relates to the broader criminal justice system - more transparent and understandable for all."

"I hope that my Office and all our partners in the criminal justice system can use these numbers to show what is working and to dedicate ourselves to what needs to be improved to make Santa Clara County as safe and fair as it can be."

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Key Dashboard Takeaways

  • Fairness in Filing Rates

    One part of the dashboards that should make our community proud is the information about filing rates for different racial or ethnic groups. It demonstrates that the DA’s Office files criminal charges at almost exactly the same rate for all groups. While racial disparities in the criminal justice system are present here in Santa Clara County, in California, and the United States, we have worked to make our part of it as small as possible.
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  • Where We Can Improve

    A clear area for improvement for the criminal justice system is the length of time that it takes to complete a criminal case in our County. Since the pandemic, that length of time has increased for both felonies and misdemeanors. While we saw a slight improvement at the end of 2023, these numbers are too high, and we are and have been advocating for more resources, more trial courtrooms, and better procedures in court to address them.
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  • People Behind the Data

    All of this data is interesting, but truly it is the people behind the data that are the most important. The numbers on violent crime represent people who have been victimized. The numbers on diversity in our office represent people from all backgrounds who are working as a team for you and your family.

Key Dates in California's Criminal Justice System

When exploring the Santa Clara County DA Dashboard, there are important law and policy changes and events to account for. When interpreting this dashboard, consider whether these changes could explain a sudden change in the data.

  1. Proposition 47

    Proposition 47 passes, making 5 crimes misdemeanors only that previously could have been charged as felonies or misdemeanors.

  2. Mental Health Diversion

    California Legislature passes mental health diversion for most felony or misdemeanor cases, resulting in qualifying defendants with mental health issues that played a significant role in the offense receiving treatment and ultimately having charges dismissed by the judge.

  3. Narcotics Public Safety Program

    DA's Office begins Narcotics Public Safety Program - filing low level drug offenses against defendants who have three in a year, referring others to treatment. Exceptions for public safety considerations like fentanyl possession.

  4. Judicial Diversion

    California Legislature authorizes judges to offer misdemeanor defendants, with or without mental health or addiction issues, judicial diversion. Upon completion of court-imposed requirement, the judge shall dismiss the case. Applies to most misdemeanors that are not DUI or domestic violence.

This dashboard was created through the collaboration of the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office and the Prosecutorial Performance Indicators. The goal of the dashboard is to ensure that the general public has access to data about the review and prosecution of criminal cases in Santa Clara County. This project has been supported by the staff of the Santa Clara District Attorney's Office who have provided the data that make the dashboard possible, and have collaborated on its design, content, and functionality. The involvement of the Proscutorial Performance Indicators has been supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Microsoft Justice Reform Initiative.